Dancefloor Magic


We believe that dance is something you must experience in person to get the most out of and truly understand the joy it can bring.

This package will suit you if you are looking for a simple yet fabulous dance on your big day.

Price £540 (£90 per lesson)

The Dance FLoor Magic INcludes:

1. 6 x 45 minute one-on-one sessions with your instructor in our private dance studio.

2. Recordings of the choreography and steps so you can practice knowing you are getting it right.

3. Music editing if the song you have chosen needs adjusting.

4. One video review from us at any time during your course with us. 

Feedback is so important and we will be happy to review your dance video and give you further tips for improvement so you can get your dance just right.

*If you cannot come to our private dance studio we can travel and arrange other rehearsal space however, this may affect price. Please get in touch for more details.