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Our small team is dedicated to sharing the knowledge and expertise of partnered dance with you.

We are so happy you have found us online. We are looking forward to teaching you everything you need to perform your first dance looking truly stunning.

Giuseppe and Ksenia are a professional ballroom dance couple currently representing Great Britain nationally and internationally in professional division.

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We are here to be your perfect dance partners

Ksenia Zheludkova

Founder of Dance Space

Ksenia is UK closed Championships Professional Latin-American Dance Finalist and fully certified IDTA dance teacher.

She has choreographed over 1500 wedding dances and loves to bring out the best qualities of her students onto the dance floor. 

Giuseppe Bonafede

Dance Teacher

Giuseppe is a professional ballroom and American smooth teacher and choreographer

During his career, he became Italian champion and south European vice-champion.

Giuseppe is really passionate teacher and loves to share his experience and love for dancing.

At Dance Space, you may also choose to have a lesson with both of us simultaneously. This can be useful if you want to maximise your learning and get a clear vision of your dance together with our help. Contact us for more information.

See Ksenia teaching a class

See Ksenia dancing professionally

What people say...

“We did our wedding dance practice with Ksenia and we had the best time. She is lovely and fun to work with. She would take our feedback on board and adjust the moves accordingly. We recommend her for wedding dance lessons…and for Salsa!”

What people say...

“We had wedding dance lessons with Ksenia. My partner was not particularly good with dancing, but Ksenia was patient and made it very fun. We surprised our guests at our wedding – highly reccommend!”

What people say...

“Ksenia is a wonderful and patient teacher. She was very accommodating with our busy schedules and made the lessons enjoyable and relaxed. We would absolutely recommend her.”