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 Dance Studio Locations:

152 Olive Road NW26UY

Greyhound Road, W149SA

21 Piccadilly,  W1J0BH

Studios in other locations and home lessons are available for lessons upon request. Please contact us. 




What people say about their First Dance Experience with Us

Why  Learn To Dance With Us

Professional Qualified  Dance Teacher

No Hidden Costs

Support through out your dance prep

Introduction 45 minutes lesson with us at the best welcoming rate

Choose your Dance  experience

As master choreographers, we can build a unique dance routine tailored to your first dance song. We always take into account timeframe, budget and vision of your wedding dance to come up with the best dance plan.

We have created several specialist dance packages to help you prepare for your big day. 

 Introduction First Dance Class

A 45-minute introduction class so you can meet us and find out more about the Wedding Dance Preparations process.

 Dance Floor Magic

In-person lessons to help you maximize your experience in preparation for your wedding day.

Timeless Wedding Dance

The ultimate lesson package for those who have never danced but would like to create a truly special first dance and get an  in depth understanding of how to look best on the dance floor.

 Last MInute FIrst Dance

If you left it last minute and do not have time but would like to get ready  this is the package for you

 Top Tips On How to make the most out of Your Wedding Dance Prep

As experienced professional dancers who have helped many couples feel confident and excited about dancing on their wedding day, we have some clear tips on how to get the most out of your wedding dance panning.

1. Plan ahead

As with learning anything new, our mind and body require time for the new knowledge to sink in. Starting your lessons in advance is the key to remembering your choreography well and feeling relaxed on the day. 

2. Practice

Going over steps learned in class in your own time and brushing up on the details will make a big difference in the way you feel dancing with each other and increase the speed your dancing improves through muscle memory. 

3. Relax and make mistakes

Our goal is to help you let go of your inner critic and enjoy flowing through the dance movement with your partner.

Treat any mistakes as a navigator towards a great performance knowing our objective is to encourage the mindset of exploring dance with no fear.

4. Ask questions

Asking questions gives us great insight on your style of learning and helps us adapt our teaching to you. It is always helpful to consult your instructor on how to create more flow and natural movement in your dance routine and we will be there for you to explain details and help you improve. 

5. The Shoes Matter

We recommend bringing along the shoes that you are planning to wear during your actual wedding dance to ensure you get enough practice wearing them. If you are thinking of purchasing special dance shoes to feel extra comfortable we will be happy to advise you on what we think will work best for you.